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    Picture an intuitive system that gives you control over lighting, temperature and energy usage. Now add wireless control and flexible products that you can mix and match to maximize comfort and control in any space. The concept could hardly be simpler. Take a look around and learn more about what Verve® Living Systems can do for you.

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    Your guests want comfort. You need to save energy. With Verve® Living Systems it's easy to have both. Our wireless, battery-less sensors and control products provide simple, yet effective solutions for saving energy without the hassles of the more expensive and more complicated systems. Best of all, Verve helps you achieve your energy savings goal without sacrificing the comfort of your guests.

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    Higher Education

    How do you save on energy costs in residence halls or student housing facilities that are almost always occupied? Verve® Living Systems’ flexible products allow you to easily and effectively control energy costs without sacrificing student comfort. The Verve system is an elegantly simple way to manage lighting, temperature and electrical costs.

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    Home is where we are the most comfortable – especially with Verve® Living Systems. The flexibility and simple operation of the Verve system makes it easy to keep your home in tune with your lifestyle. With the Verve system, saving energy is practically effortless, and the whole system adapts to the way you live, turning your home into a true extension of you.